Sell your items through BOHBO

What items does Bohbo accept for sale?

We accept only High End Designer bags clothes, shoes and accessories for women corresponding to each season. For an overview of designers we accept, please view the "Designers" list on our website. In some cases, we accept items by new, upcoming designers or trending brands.




Fakes and Imitations
Items by unknown designers or non-luxury brands.
Defective or stained items, items with unpleasant smells, missing buttons or any kind of wear which make them undesirable.

How can I sell through Bohbo?


The most common way to sell through Bohbo is “On Consignment”. The seller agrees to leave the approved items at our store for sale to be promoted in store and online. The seller is handed out a document, listing each item with the agreed selling price and all terms of cooperation binding the two parties.

We would like to emphasise that the products left by the seller in our store remain the seller's property until they are sold, at which point their ownership passes directly to the buyer.


For some selected products we offer “Immediate Buy” for your items, in this case the ownership of the product is passed immediately upon agreed seller's price to Bohbo. A written signed form will set out the description of the product(s) in question, including its price and payment.

How do I start? What is the process, I should follow?


Carefully choose the products you no longer wear and wish to sell


Photograph the items you wish to sell and send us the images


We will inform you immediately whether we are interested in examining your items up close


During our appointment, we will reach the most advantageous agreement for you


Our team will take care of the rest


How is the sale price determined? What is my profit?

The amount you receive will be decided by mutual agreement between the two parties at the time of the final agreement, before the acknowledgement of receipt is issued and signed. It is always a pre-agreed amount and not a percentage on the sale price. The sale price to the purchasing audience is solely determined by BOHBO and does not in any way affect the amount we already agreed for you to receive after the sale of the product.

When and How will I get paid?

Your will receive payment after the product has been sold and after we have scheduled an appointment. The method of payment is decided on a case-by-case basis in order to accommodate the needs of both parties. In particular we offer bank deposit or cash.

When will my product be ready for sale on the e-shop?

The time required to place your product on our e-shop ranges from 1-3 weekdays (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), depending on the volume of the products to be photographed and the daily schedule in our photo studio. We maintain an order of priority and try to complete the process as soon as possible.

How am I informed that my item has been sold?

For an immediate update of whether or not your item is sold, you can check our online shop every day. You can also contact us via email at, call us during opening hours at +30 210 3389202, or use our contact form

What happens if my product has not been sold?

In case your item(s) remain unsold, you can pick them up from our store. Please inform us in advance when you want to pass by in order for us to have them ready for collection. If it is not possible for you to pick up your item(s) from our store, we can send them back to you. Please be aware that in this case you bear the return shipping costs.

Can I exchange my product with another one?

We do not accept exchanges with other products.

Why should I choose BOHBO?

BOHBO gives you the opportunity to make money through the sale of those products you have decided to sell. In addition, selling your items enables others to acquire high end designer clothes and accessories. In our online store, your product is most favourably displayed to thousands of potential buyers around the world. Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you at any time in order to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is always to reach the best possible agreement for the satisfaction of both parties.